THE LUMA-LOCK SYSTEM is designed to suspend services from a single point suspension. The aim of this support is to reduce the amount of material that is used to build a support.

Luma-Locks are fitted to the intended application using toggles and then coupled to a chosen Zip-Clip vertical suspension to hang from a variety of different base materials.





  • Long cable tray runs.
  • Off-shoots from the main containment.
  • Light fittings.
  • Radiant heat panels.
  • Chilled beams.
  • Acoustic boards.
  • Plenum boxes.
  • Long suspensions up to 10 m.



Zip-Clip offer two different Luma-Lock systems each allocated a letter to differentiate between the available safe working loads (SWL). Each system comprises of a specific diameter of wire rope. Systems are available for spans from 50 mm up to 600 mm as standard, however, larger spans can be manufactured on request.


Safe Working Loads

  • G 15 kg
  • S 35 kg

Areas for use

The Luma-Lock system is designed for indoor applications. Regular galvanised systems should not be used in areas that have levels of corrosion or elevated levels of heat or moisture.
For installations that are within corrosive areas consult with Zip-Clip Technical Department.



Example installation into a light fitting:

Select the first leg to be installed and position the toggle approx. 10 mm from the stop-end. Invert the toggle so it is parallel with the wire rope.
Place the stop-end into the selected through hole and then push the toggle into the hole. Repeat the process for the other leg. Once the toggle and stop-end have been installed, the toggle will swing through 90 degrees to span the hole.


Example installation connection with the wire support:
Offer the Luma-Lock up to a pre-installed wire support. Feed on Zip-Clip locking device and pull through the required length of wire and feed through the loop of the Luma-Lock.
Return wire back up into Zip-Clip locking device and when the desired height is achieved, trim wire leaving a minimum 15 cm tail.


Best Practice

  • Through-holes must be no bigger than 12 mm diameter.
  • For static loads only.
  • Ensure toggles are compatible with the through hole.
  • Ensure the toggles are located correctly and not over loaded.
  • Angle of the span should not exceed 60 degrees.
  • If angle exceeds 60 degrees, use Luma-Lock with a larger span.


Fixing Centres

  • Ensure adequate fixing centres are utilised for the intended application.
  • Follow industry standards according to application.
  • Do not overload.
  • Do not go beyond safe working load.


  • 18th Edition Amendment 2 : 2022 compliant.
  • Equal leg lengths ensure suspended services are supported level.
  • Hardened steel toggle with an aluminium stop termination.
  • High tensile galvanised steel wire rope.
  • Can be fitted to the services at floor level prior to coupling with the vertical wire support.
  • Allows for side loading of cable trays.
  • Removable.

*Please Note: PVC sleeve on loop is not provided as standard for UK customers to ensure 18th Edition compliance.



product-code description swl pack-qty ean tsi
LUMG50-200 Toggle suspension system suitable for spans of 50-200 mm 15 kg 10 5060711652900 394207496
LUMG300-400 Toggle suspension system suitable for spans of 300-400 mm 15 kg 10 5060711652917 390143389
LUMG600 Toggle suspension system suitable for spans of 600 mm 15 kg 10 5060711652924 395610875
LUM50-200 Toggle suspension system suitable for spans of 50-200 mm 35 kg 10 5060711652931 394207470
LUM300-400 Toggle suspension system suitable for spans of 300-400 mm 35 kg 10 5060711652948 390143415
LUM600 Toggle suspension system suitable for spans of 600 mm 35 kg 10 5060711652955 395610846

Please Note: Custom spans are available on request.