Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Zip-Clip Ltd recognizes that its activities impact on the environment at local, regional and global levels and acknowledges a responsibility for the protection of the environment and of the health and safety of its employees and the wider community.

Zip-Clip Ltd Is Committed To:

  • Promoting the protection of the environment and minimizing the impact of all its activities upon each of the local, regional and global environments both directly and through its influence on others.
  • Contributing to a sustainable and healthy future by conserving natural resources and by minimizing avoidable waste and pollution.
  • Reducing the use of fossil fuels through improvements to energy efficiency and the substitution of renewable energy resources.
  • Developing effective waste management and recycling procedures and using recycled and recyclable materials where possible.
  • Increasing awareness of environmental responsibilities amongst staff.

To Achieve These Goals We Will:

  • Educate and train staff in environmental matters as appropriate.
  • Progressively reduce the amount of waste generated.
  • Market products, which create a minimum environmental damage, and use its purchasing to influence to:
  • Promote production of such products.
  • Ensure that all public communications are true and unambiguous.
  • Respect the interests of neighbours and the world community.
  • Review our policies as an ongoing matter.


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