Wire rope suspensions do not swing about.

Though there is some flexibility designed into the systems, when loaded with the suspended services, wire rope systems offer a fixed, secure suspension solution.


Threaded rod suspension systems do not support more load.

Traditional rod-based systems are frequently over-engineered, using more materials than necessary. A 2 mm diameter wire rope performs to the same level as a 10 mm threaded rod. Zip-Clip systems are available with proven load-carrying capacities from 15 kg to 500 kg per wire support, plus all systems are designed with a built-in safety factor for complete peace of mind. Wire rope also allows longer drops to be installed without the need for additional couplers, saving both time and money.


Threaded rod-based suspension systems do not have to be installed to meet fire regulations.

Zip-Clip wire rope suspension and bracing systems are fully metallic and compliant under Edition 18 (Electrical Wiring Regulations). Zip-Clip offers suspension solutions that have been third-party tested for fire performance and test result data is available.