Why use wire?

Reaching the impossible

A proven concept

Early in the nineteenth century, visionary engineers discovered that, when steel is drawn into wires, its strength could increase – which means a flexible wrap of steel wires is stronger than a solid steel bar of the same diameter.

Based on this insight, they developed the forerunners of the modern wire-cable suspension bridge. Today, many of the world’s most famous bridges routinely rely on this superior strength ratio. They can carry heavier load-decks for longer distances at greater heights than alternative designs. And, entailing fewer materials, even on the longest spans, they also bring lower construction costs.

Around the world, suspension bridges are recognised for their design ingenuity, slender lines and aesthetic appeal – a winning blend of engineering and aesthetics.

Made from high tensile 1960N/mmgalvanized wire rope, Zip‑Clip can operate at normal safe working loads (SWL) between 10 Kg and 500 Kg.

Applicable to unusual applications in contemporary buildings, when engineers and architects often require unique problem-solving capabilities.

If you are dealing with awkward shapes, unusual angles, demanding conditions, delicate materials, or rapid build-times, Zip‑Clip offers innovative solutions


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