Zip-Clip are designers and manufacturers of high-specification wire suspension and bracing solutions used in an ever-increasing range of applications. The systems are recognized globally for their fully accountable performance, functionality, and flexibility.


Developed by highly experienced in-house R&D teams, in close consultation with specifiers, engineers, and contractors, Zip-Clip systems offer suspension and bracing solutions for all electrical, HVAC, mechanical, acoustic and radiant panel, and signage needs and this list is ever-increasing!




A Proven Concept …


Early in the nineteenth century, visionary engineers discovered that when steel is drawn into wires its strength increases, meaning a flexible wrap of steel wires is stronger than a solid steel bar of the same diameter, thereby offering higher load capacity with considerably less material.


Zip-Clip Wire Suspension and Bracing Systems


The wire used in all Zip-Clip systems is a premium product with a tensile strength of 1960 N/mm². It is available in load ranges from 15 kg to 500 kg with all solutions designed to include a built-in safety factor.


This level of performance and accountability provides the confidence to use Zip-Clip wire in place of traditional threaded rod or chain-supported suspensions and is one of the principal reasons why today wire rope is being specified for an ever-increasing range of applications.


Wire rope systems offer increased installation flexibility and speed, reduced materials requirements and waste, and provide the installer with a suspension solution that helps meet the latest environmental needs of projects.




Zip-Clip wire rope systems can be utilised for suspension, bracing, and more, and are typically used within the construction industry, where they are utilised as an equivalent to systems such as threaded rod or chain.


Zip-Clip solutions are typically used for the suspension and/or bracing of:


  • Electrical containment trays, baskets, or ladders
  • Lighting
  • HVAC and mechanical services
  • Acoustic and radiant heating panels
  • Signage, screens, and partitions


BE INSPIRED … With Zip-Clip wire rope suspension and bracing systems, applications are as varied as your imagination.


If you automatically think of using rigid threaded rod or chain to solve your suspension and bracing needs, you may want to think again and look at the advantages offered by wire.