THE SHOT-LOCK SYSTEM is designed to fix a wire suspension to a base material using Powder Actuated Tools (PAT). The system comprises a predetermined length of a specific diameter wire rope with a shot-fire bracket termination (nail included) and is supplied with the required Zip-Clip locking device.




  • Electrical containment
  • HVAC and mechanical services
  • Lighting and audio as primary or secondary support
  • Signage and display, screens and partitions
  • Acoustic ceilings, islands, or baffles
  • Radiant heat panels



Shot-Lock should be used for lightweight applications only.

Zip-Clip offers two different Shot-Lock systems each allocated a letter to differentiate between the available safe working loads (SWL).

Shot-Lock systems are available in drop lengths of 1 m to 10 m. Loads indicated are per individual wire support when coupled with the appropriate Zip-Clip locking device.


Safe working loads

  • G 15 kg
  • S 25 kg

Areas for use

The standard Shot-Lock range is designed for indoor applications. Regular galvanised systems should not be used in areas that have levels of corrosion or elevated levels of heat or moisture.

For installations that are within corrosive areas consult with Zip-Clip Technical Department.



• The first step of the installation process is to fasten the shot-fire bracket to the base material.
• The second step of the process is to install the Zip-Clip locking device and connect to the intended application.



Attaching the shot-fire bracket to the base material

Tools required: PAT cartridge nailing tool.

Before installation Zip-Clip recommends referring to Construction Fixings Association guidance notes on the use of powder-actuated fixing systems.

Always perform test fixes before commencing installations to ensure fixing is suitable for base material.


  1. Ensure the substrate is suitable for nail and cartridge.
  2. Locate nail into barrel of the Powder Actuated Tool.
  3. Follow the gun manufacturers’ firing guidelines and CFA guidance notes.
  4. Confirm quality of fix before loading.



Installing the Zip-Clip locking device

Once the 90° bracket has been installed, a Zip-Clip locking device can be used to attach the wire to the service.


  1. Pass the wire rope through the Zip-Clip device in the direction of the arrow.
  2. Pass wire rope through or around your required fixture/application and back through the Zip-Clip leaving 15 cm of wire protruding.
  3. Confirm engagement of the Zip-Clip on the wire by pushing the pinin the opposite direction to the arrows indicated.


  • 18th Edition Amendment 2 : 2022 compliant.
  • Key-free release wire suspension for height adjustment – No tools required.
  • High tensile galvanised steel wire rope.
  • Multiple fixing options.
  • Suspension can be inverted.


product-code description swl pack-qty ean tsi
SLPG1 1 m shot fire suspension system 15 kg 10 5060711651781 390142429
SLPG2 2 m shot fire suspension system 15 kg 10 5060711651798 390142474
SLPG3 3 m shot fire suspension system 15 kg 10 5060711651804 390142487
SLPG4 4 m shot fire suspension system 15 kg 10 5060711651811 390142490
SLPG5 5 m shot fire suspension system 15 kg 10 5060711651828 390142500
SLPG10 10 m shot fire suspension system 15 kg 10 5060711651835 390142555
SLPS1 1 m shot fire suspension system 25 kg 10 5060711651842 390142571
SLPS2 2 m shot fire suspension system 25 kg 10 5060711651859 390142597
SLPS3 3 m shot fire suspension system 25 kg 10 5060711651866 390142607
SLPS4 4 m shot fire suspension system 25 kg 10 5060711651873 390142610
SLPS5 5 m shot fire suspension system 25 kg 10 5060711651880 390142623
SLPS10 10 m shot fire suspension system 25 kg 10 5060711651897 390142678

Please Note: Drop lengths other than those listed are available, as standard, in increments of 1 m, up to 10 m. Custom drop lengths are also available on request.