Wire rope suspension and bracing systems offer a great number of advantages when compared to alternative systems such as threaded rod and chain.


These include:


  • Reduced CO2 production during manufacture
  • Reduced materials usage
  • Reduced waste
  • Reduced transportation burden


Weight and CO2 Reduction


The use of wire rope has a dramatic impact in reducing not only materials usage and weight of a suspension solution but also the volume of CO2 produced during its manufacture.


For illustration, a typical retail store uses approx. 1,200 suspension drops of 2 m.*


M8 threaded rod would weigh 748.80 kg and produce 1,344 kg of CO2 to manufacture the 2,400 metres required.


A Zip-Clip wire rope system would weigh 37.86 kg and produce 96 kg of CO2 to manufacture the 2,400 m.


  • Saving on weight: 710 kg
  • Saving on CO2: 1,248 kg


Therefore a 92.6% reduction in CO2 emission can be realised by utilising a Zip-Clip wire rope suspension system and this major environmental benefit illustration does not take into account transportation!

Transportation advantages of wire rope:


Transportation - Wire Rope vs. Threaded Rod


*Data provided by the Worldwide Lifecycle Inventory Methodology Report 1999/2000.