Calculation Services


Zip-Clip are able to offer a free-of-charge drawing calculation service.


  1. E-mail your drawing to
  2. Our technical department will contact you with a few simple questions.
  3. A full recommendation and quotation will follow and a unique project drawing number will be issued for reference.


Our Technical Department can help to assist you with a calculation service for the following aspects of your projects:




If you need to know which Zip-Clip supports to use, our Technical Team can help you determine the point loads that each support will be subjected to.
Contact us with details of your application and let us know what your overhead anchor point consists of.




If you want to utilise a catenary support system as part of your design, Zip-Clip can undertake the following on your behalf:


  1. Deflection calculations – These are structural calculations that will tell you the bow that you can expect to generate in your system.
  2. Reaction forces evaluation – Zip-Clip can look at the nature of the services you want to support on a catenary and advise on the reaction forces that will be present at either end of the wire once it is loaded.


The outcomes of these will help determine base material suitability or influence the fabrication of any anchor points that need to be produced.




If you are unsure which fixings you require to anchor your wire suspension into a base material, Zip-Clip can help recommend the correct anchor selection.
For concrete and masonry, we can utilise specialist anchor software to calculate how a fixing will perform when installed into a particular base material under different load conditions.