Uni-Lock Brackets

Uni-Lock brackets are designed to allow a wire rope suspension to be installed from a variety of different base materials including timber, concrete, plasterboard, or steel. A suitable fixing for the intended base material is used to fix the bracket to the ceiling providing a secure overhead anchor point.


Uni-Lock brackets are available in 3 sizes.


Product Codes:


HCB1 - 90-degree bracket with 4.5 mm and 7.0 mm holes

HCB2 - 90-degree bracket with 6.5 mm holes (suitable for S wire system)

HCB3 - 90-degree bracket with 10.9 mm and 6.5 mm holes (suitable for Y wire system)


Pack Quantities: 10





Uni-Lock brackets are available with predetermined lengths of wire rope attached - drop lengths of 1-10 m as standard, SWL up to 90 kg per wire suspension depending on bracket and wire. See the UNI-LOCK SYSTEM page for more information.