Shot-Fired Fastener

Shot-fired fastener designed to be fixed to a base material using Power Actuated Tools (PAT) to provide an anchor point for a wire rope suspension.


Suitable for concrete slab, solid brick, solid block, grout-filled block, and concrete over steel rib deck


Overall SWL of the suspension is governed by the strength of the base material as well as the quality of the fixing into the base material.


Zip-Clip recommends that Proof Load Testing is carried out prior to installation to confirm suspension suitability. For assistance or advice, please contact our Technical Team.



Product Code: HCBP1


Pack Quantity: 100




Shot-fired fasteners are available with predetermined lengths of wire rope attached - drop lengths of 1-10 m as standard, SWL up to 25 kg per wire suspension. See the SHOT-LOCK SYSTEM page for more information.