Decking Fixings

Decking fixings offer a non-destructive way of anchoring a wire rope suspension to concrete over rib-deck ceilings and utilise specific wedges to fit into the different profile channels that run along the underside of the deck.



Product Codes:


MAAW/M6 - AW alphawedge decking fixing - M6

MAAW/M8 - AW alphawedge decking fixing - M8

MAMF60/M6 - MF60 decking fixing (metric nut and bracket) - M6

MAMF80/M8 - MF80 decking fixing (metric nut and bracket) - M8

MAMW2/M6 - MW2 multiwedge decking fixing - M6

MAMW2/M8 - MW2 multiwedge decking fixing - M8

MATR60/M6 - TR60 wedge with locking plate - M6

MATR60/M8 - TR60 wedge with locking plate - M8

MA6810 - Multiwedge decking fixing

MA300HEX - 300 mm magnetic bit holder for MA6810 multiwedge fixing



Pack Quantities:

Fixings - packed of 10

MA300HEX tool - pack of 1





Decking fixings are available with predetermined lengths of wire rope attached - drop lengths of 1-10 m as standard, SWL up to 100 kg per wire suspension depending on wire rope and fixing selection. See the DECK-LOCK SYSTEM page for more information or use the contact us page to discuss solutions with us further.