Domed Ceiling Attachment With Slot

Architectural ceiling fixing designed to give a sleek tidy attachment to the soffit Can be fitted to a ceiling or fixture and used in conjunction with the Zip-Clip range of architectural supports

The Applications

  • Two-part fitting consisting of:
    • Male externally threaded base plate
    • Internally threaded dome cover to encapsulate the wire support
  • Low visual impact
  • Slot allows rotation of the wire through an angle (max 60 degrees)
  • Base plate can be fixed to the ceiling using:
    • Wood screw
    • Concrete screw
    • Plug and screw
  • Base plate and cover marry together to form one complete fitting with the same diameter

Safe working loads

G 15kg

  • Length 21.7mm
  • Diameter 15mm
  • Fix base plate to ceiling using desired fixing
  • Ensure wire is correctly set inside the dome
  • Screw dome onto base plate by turning clockwise
  • Ensure dome is secure
Product Code TSI EAN Description SWL (KG) Pack Qty
ACSL1G 405708541 5060711653679 1 m single dome suspension system M6 15 10
ACSL2G 405708554 5060711653686 2 m single dome suspension system M6 15 10
ACSL3G 405708567 5060711653693 3 m single dome suspension system M6 15 10


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