Zip-Clip solutions were used for the suspension of M&E and HVAC services throughout two new buildings at the SkyPark project in Exeter.


Steve Burgess Technical Manager for Zip-Clip liaised with contractor Legsun for the electrical containment, HVAC, lighting, and pipe work.


Legsun utilised pre-fabricated trapeze brackets suspended on 2 mm wire with the Con-Lock system throughout the installation.


The concept of using rods to build bracketry systems has always been an industry standard, however, the process is time-consuming. The use of wire rope supports offers an innovative, flexible, and time-efficient modern solution with added environmental advantages


Traditional methods require rod being cut to length, hot works permits, a power source, site access with off-loading capabilities and larger storage facilities all mounting up to a time-consuming installation process.


The use of the Zip-Clip Con-Lock system is up to six times quicker to install than traditional methods and suspension drops arrive on site readymade and ready to install to meet exact job specifications.

SkyPark Exeter