Services suspension using Zip-Clip solutions

Lidl Luton

Regional Distribution Centre


At 1.2 million sq ft (~111,484 m²), the Lidl Luton Distribution Centre, opening in 2023, will be more than double the size of any of their existing warehouses in the UK and once complete will in fact become their largest global facility. When fully operational the distribution centre will service more than 150 stores in London and the surrounding counties.


For this project Sub-Contractors King and Moffatt chose to utilize a range of Zip-Clip solutions for the suspension of electrical services and containment and by working closely with Zip-Clip Technical Sales Manager Steve Burgess, along with our Technical Team, they were able to design the most time and materials efficient solution to meet their exact requirements.

Speed of installation was a critical factor leading to the specification of Zip-Clip products and this was further enhanced with reduced tool usage associated with Zip-Clip suspension solutions, leading to a huge reduction in overall labour costs of the project.


Another key factor in securing this project was Zip-Clip’s ability to provide prefabricated drop lengths ranging from 1 m to 15 m further assisting with the speed of installation on site.

Services suspension using Zip-Clip solutions