Doha Heritage Building


When Zip‑Clip were asked to provide a suspension solution for traditional Qatari woven ceilings in the renovation of iconic Doha heritage buildings, it was a customer requirement that the fittings should not be seen. Originally the M12 rod had been proposed, but its appearance was not exactly what the consultant had in mind, so Zip‑Clip was able to provide a pre-bagged bespoke system avoiding the need for a hot work permit as no on-site fabrication was required.


As white was the theme throughout, the suspension system was disguised with white sleeving giving the impression that the projectors were floating. Zip‑Clip was able to deliver the goods directly from the UK to Doha within 5 days and as a result of this project the Arabian Engineering Bureau approved the Zip‑Clip systems for use throughout the GCC regions, leading to the use of Zip‑Clip suspension cables in the completion of the Meredith Shopping Centre in Dubai.