Zip-Splice+ Pack of 3

Installation (80 mm bands)

80mm bands

Finished install (50 mm bands)

A new fixing system for prefabricated reinforcement pile cages improves safety for site workers who are habitually at risk of hand injuries … Collaboration and innovation!


A new Zip-Clip system for prefabricated reinforcement pile cages has been developed following collaboration between reinforcement fabricator ArcelorMittal Construction Solutions (AMCS), a member of the British Association of Reinforcement (BAR), and wire suspension and bracing specialists Zip-Clip.


Zip-Splice+ is a heavy-duty splicing system purpose-designed for the joining of prefabricated piling reinforcement cages. It offers quick and easy installation and, fundamentally, eliminates the need for operatives to put their hands inside the cage during installation.


Each Splice+ connector features a special dual-channel locking device, manufactured using a one-piece injection moulded zinc-alloy body, housed within a steel bracket, and a predetermined length of high-tensile galvanised mild steel wire rope.


The system is designed to fit with spliced piling cages and offers integral adjustment to suit 50 mm, 60 mm, and 80 mm bands and has been designed to provide integral adjustment to suit the differing cage band widths. The system has been proof-tested for loads in excess of 1,700 kg.


Each Zip-Splice+ system is supplied with three connectors that are used to join pile cage sections together when positioned around the splicing bands found at both their upper and lower ends.

AMCS is the sole UK distributor for Zip-Splice+.


Matt Brooks, AMCS Operations Manager, said: “Zip-Splice+ is the successful result of a practical collaboration that brought together the wide experience of a reinforcement fabricator with the innovation of an industry specialist. It offers a solution that increases both safety and efficiency.”


Commenting on the new system, Steve Goldsworthy, Joint CEO of Zip-Clip said: “We welcomed the opportunity to work in close partnership with specialist reinforcement fabricator AMSC on this project. It allowed us to harness the expertise of both businesses, with one key objective, to solve an inherent problem in the piling industry experienced when installing reinforcement cages. Health and Safety is critical on any project and this innovative solution not only safeguards operatives but also offers the added benefit of increasing installation efficiency. Zip-Splice+ will enhance the benefits of using prefabricated pile cages right across the reinforcement sector.”


To watch an installation video for the Zip-Splice+ system click HERE.



Published April 2023