Here at Zip-Clip we always love to get involved in different projects and help where we can. We’d like to start the week by pointing you toward the work from the National School of Blacksmithing in Hereford. It has been a pleasure to help the team and thank you for your kind words, Rowan.


“At the end of May 2024, eleven final-year student blacksmiths from the National School of Blacksmithing in Hereford, alongside two of their tutors, flew to Denmark. Their destination was the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, where the museum’s shipyard produces accurate, traditionally built replica longships.


However, due to procurement and coordination issues, alongside logistical inexperience, the 400kg pallet of equipment needed for the project was at risk of not being sent in time to arrive before the smithing team. This pallet was critical to the project as it contained hand tools, sledgehammers, portable forges and, critically, the iron destined to become the anchor.


Zip-Clip stepped into the rescue at this point. Using their breadth of expertise regarding international logistics, the company immediately offered to arrange and coordinate the transportation of the pallet into the European Union. Through the hard work of Sarah and Simon packing and getting our pallet ready to ship, the French team with the quick turnaround accepting and forwarding promptly, Group General Manager Holly Taylor for chasing and keeping the shipment on track and support from CEO and co-owner Matt Clay-Michael, the pallet was delivered just an hour before the blacksmiths landed at Copenhagen airport! Thanks to the ferocious dedication of the team to the project, prompt delivery of the pallet was made despite two lorry breakdowns along the way and a late departure.


The students then spent an intensive week forging the anchor components and beginning the assembly process. Alongside this, they were able to go out to sea on a Viking Longship, view the original longships kept within the museum, speak to and watch the shipwrights, and learn about rope making and sailmaking – a very varied enrichment to their training which would not have been possible to the same extent without the kind help of Zip-Clip.” – Rowan Taylor, Blacksmith Lecturer.