Fire Strut-Lock

FIRE STRUT-LOCK  is designed to build wire rope suspensions that have resistance to fire. The system utilises stainless steel wire rope which offers optimum performance in fire environments. It can be used to construct single or multi-tiered trapeze bracketry. The male thread of the Fire Strut-Lock can also be coupled with other components such as 90-degree brackets to attach the wire support to other forms of services.

Fire Strut-Lock is the safe, lockable solution for installing single and multi-tiered arrangements of cable management and HVAC applications.

When installed as part of a wire suspension system Fire Strut-Lock delivers a safe working load of 90 kg per wire suspension in ambient conditions.


The Applications

  • Installations to Edition 18, Amendment 2 : 2022
  • Single-tier and multi-tier trapeze brackets
  • Electrical and mechanical containment suspension
  • HVAC installations/ductwork suspension
  • Signage and displays
  • Installations above fire escape routes
  • Compatible with standard 41×41 and 41×21 profile channels plus other channel types when compatible channel nuts are used

Safe working loads

Y 90kg

  • 18th Edition Amendment 2:2022 compliant.
  • Versatile: Quick to install and easy to adjust
  • SWL: 90 kg per wire suspension in ambient conditions
  • Secure lock-off
  • Material: all steel
  • For static loads that are supported vertically


Fire Strut-Lock has been subjected to testing for the following:

  • Tensile strength: Conducted by SATRA Technologies UK using UKAS calibrated instruments.
  • Fire Capability: Conducted by BRE Global UK to British Standard.


Safe Working Load (SWL) per wire suspension is 90 kg in ambient temperatures.
Installations built with exact fire performance in mind must utilise the SWL for fire and use the correct amount of supports necessary to hold to loads safely.


  • Utilising a pressed eyelet to form a choke knot to wrap around anchor points such as purlins or I-beams. Ensure anchor points are suitable. Product code suffix: TPDM1020ZLY#/FSS.
  • Utilising pressed male M8 thread. Product code suffix: TPDM1020TH35Y#/FSS

Where # is drop length required.

Always ensure the base material or anchor point are suitable to support the intended load.

  • Couple with square washer and channel nut.
  • Position assembly into desired channel location.
  • Tighten into position using a 17 mm spanner. Turn clockwise.
  • Back off the locking collar. Do not undo fully. Depress plunger.
  •  Insert wire rope through the plunger at the top of the device.
  • Adjust the position by depressing the plunger and moving along on the wire.
  • Once the trapeze bracket is in position, release the plunger and wind the locking collar up to the shoulder.
  • Lock the trapeze position by turning the locking collar 1.5 turns only using a 13 mm spanner, turning clockwise.

Repeat all steps above to build a multi-tier bracket.

Product Code TSI EAN Description SWL (KG) Pack Qty
TPDM1020TH35Y1/FSS 408476605 5060711656830 1 m threaded suspension system 90 10
TPDM1020TH35Y2/FSS 408476621 5060711656847 2 m threaded suspension system 90 10
TPDM1020TH35Y3/FSS 408476634 5060711656854 3 m threaded suspension system 90 10
TPDM1020TH35Y4/FSS 408476647 5060711656861 4 m threaded suspension system 90 10
TPDM1020TH35Y5/FSS 408476650 5060711656878 5 m threaded suspension system 90 10
TPDM1020TH35Y10/FSS 408476618 5060711656885 10 m threaded suspension system 90 5
TPDM1020ZLY1/FSS 408476663 5060711656779 1 m eyelet suspension system 90 10
TPDM1020ZLY2/FSS 408476692 5060711656786 2 m eyelet suspension system 90 10
TPDM1020ZLY3/FSS 408476702 5060711656793 3 m eyelet suspension system 90 10
TPDM1020ZLY4/FSS 408476715 5060711656809 4 m eyelet suspension system 90 10
TPDM1020ZLY5/FSS 408476728 5060711656816 5 m eyelet suspension system 90 10
TPDM1020ZLY10/FSS 408476676 5060711656823 10 m eyelet suspension system 90 5
Other drop lengths are available, as standard, in increments of 1 m up to 10 m, please contact Zip-Clip.


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