Floating Floor Mounts

ATLAS FLOATING FLOOR MOUNTS are used to create a floating floor system with high-level vibration dampening properties and provide insulation against impact or airborne noise and vibration. The mounts can be placed directly on the floor base material with no need for adhesives.

Atlas is a division of the Zip-Clip Group dedicated to offering engineered solutions for specialist applications, including systems and products designed specifically for vibration isolation and control.

Products within the Atlas range are premium-rated products and have been designed for applications that require a truly value-engineered solution. All products offered by Atlas have been tested by third-party institutions to verify their capabilities, and are fully certified and underwritten.


Mounts are made from recycled rubber and designed to be used in areas that produce high levels of noise, such as gymnasiums or recording studios.

Floating floor mounts are available in 4 different sizes with loading capacities up to 290 kg each, with an operating frequency of 5 to 6 Hz. All sizes have a height of 50 mm.

Performance can be controlled by designated layout positions with rockwool used to populate the space between each mount. A floating floor is then installed on top of the arrangement, e.g. plywood and screed.

For installation guidelines and recommendations please email seismic@zip-clip.com


Product Code Description Dimensions (mm) Thickness (mm) Load Capacity (kg) Operating Frequency (Hz) Pack Qty
YDA-60 Vibration Isolator – Floating floor mount 60 × 60 50 72.7 5 – 6 1
YDA-80 Vibration Isolator – Floating floor mount 80 × 80 50 129.2 5 – 6 1
YDA-100 Vibration Isolator – Floating floor mount 100 × 100 50 201.8 5 – 6 1
YDA-120 Vibration Isolator – Floating floor mount 120 × 120 50 290.6 5 – 6 1



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