Our team

Steve Goldsworthy


Responsible for setting up new business ventures worldwide.

Matthew Clay-Michael

Managing Director

Responsible for the Financial and Operational activities of Zip-Clip and its world wide subsidiaries.

Matt Thompson

National Sales Manager

Responsible for UK and Ireland.

Tim Brown

Specifications Manager.

Steve Burgess

Technical Sales Manager

South Wales and South West England.

Freddie Chaublet

Technical Sales Manager – France.

James Horton

Technical Sales Manager – West Midlands and North Wales.

Rob Morgan

Technical Sales Manager London and South East.

Alec Webster

Technical Sales Manager

North area.

John-Paul Hogan

Group Technical and R&D Manager

Responsible for UK and Export technical support.

Rob Macken

Compliance Manager – Responsible for products and new product compliance.

David Hopkins

Drawing Co-ordinator – Technical support.

Kyle Bell

Design and Test Engineer – Technical Support.

Dilys Roberts

Office Manager and Assistant to MD

Responsible for internal sales, accounts and assistant to Matthew Clay-Michael (Managing Director).

Holly Taylor

Sales and Marketing Assistant to CEO

Responsible for European markets and assistant to Steve Goldsworthy (CEO).

Ryan Meredith

Support Services Assistant – Responsible for customer support.

Janet Memery

Logistics Assistant.

Deborah Brian

Office Assistant.

Wendy Breeze

Production Manager.

Bill Ridley

Warehouse Manager.