Vibration Absorber Pad

ATLAS VIBRATION ABSORBER PAD isolators are used to dampen the vibration emitted by high-frequency equipment that is floor mounted and can also be used for acoustic isolation or suppressing shock loads.

Atlas is a division of the Zip-Clip Group dedicated to offering engineered solutions for specialist applications, including systems and products designed specifically for vibration isolation and control.

Products within the Atlas range are premium-rated products and have been designed for applications that require a truly value-engineered solution. All products offered by Atlas have been tested by third-party institutions to verify their capabilities, and are fully certified and underwritten.


Vibration absorber pads are made from recycled rubber and can be cut to size for the application.

  • Vibration isolator pads are available in 0.5 × 0.5 m plates.
  • Plate thicknesses are 12 mm or 22 mm.
  • Plates have smaller sections (modules) moulded into them, with each module measuring 5 × 5 cm.
  • There are 100 modules per plate, which can be cut to size to suit the installation.
  • Capable of supporting loads up to 5000 kg per sqm.
  • Resistant to saltwater and petroleum.
  • Can be doubled up.
  • Suitable for equipment with RPM >1,200.
  • Appropriate where Targeted Vibration Isolation <80%.
  • Air and water-cooled chillers.*
  • Pumps.*
  • Cooling towers.
  • Fans.

*For equipment installed in the basement.

For installation guidelines and recommendations please email seismic@zip-clip.com


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