Seismic Snubbers (SSL type)

ATLAS SEISMIC SNUBBERS are designed to restrain equipment such as MEP plant from movement caused by seismic or other dynamic forces and keep it in place. Snubbers are available as single or multi-directional versions and can be used in conjunction with seismic spring mounts, inertia bases, and vibration mats. Snubbers incorporate heavy-duty fixing points to anchor to both the equipment and the building structure.

Atlas is a division of the Zip-Clip Group dedicated to offering engineered solutions for specialist applications, including systems and products designed specifically for vibration isolation and control.

Products within the Atlas range are premium-rated products and have been designed for applications that require a truly value-engineered solution. All products offered by Atlas have been tested by third-party institutions to verify their capabilities, and are fully certified and underwritten.

To ensure performance, a minimum number should be utilised per item of equipment.


  • Tested to the ANSI-ASHRAE 171-2017 Standard
  • Material: Structural steel.
  • Finish: Electrostatic powder coat.
  • Must be positioned on all sides of the equipment to ensure performance.
  • Integral neoprene bushing prevents vibration transitions.
  • 2 anchor points to prevent rotation.
  • Can be fixed by anchor bolt, bolt, or welded into position.

Zip-Clip Atlas seismic snubbers are available with the following capacities:

Model Rated Load (kN) Equipment Connection Bolt
SSL-1 33.1 M16
SSL-2 45.8 M20
SSL-3 52.5 M24

For installation guidelines and recommendations please email seismic@zip-clip.com



Product Code Description Rated Load (kN) Pack Qty
SSL-1 Vibration Isolator – Seismic Snubber 33.1 1
SSL-2 Vibration Isolator – Seismic Snubber 45.8 1
SSL-3 Vibration Isolator – Seismic Snubber 52.5 1



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