BIM. Building Information Modelling

What is BIM?:

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. There are 3 levels.

What is the concept?:

  • All elements of a building can be modelled digitally in 3D before the structure is even built.
  • Certain Zip Clip products are now modelled digitally in 3D.
  • The files are call REVIT files.
  • REVIT is the Autodesk software used to create the files.
  • REVIT is also used to build and view the project models.

Zip Clip is compliant to Level 2:

  • The UK Government has now set a target that Public sector projects must only use products and systems that are compliant to BIM Level 2.
  • Level 02 requires the digital file information to be in a format that other BIM users will recognise & use, i.e REVIT.
  • Because Zip Clip has digital files produced in REVIT, we are able to say that we are BIM compliant to LEVEL 02.

To access the BIM models,  please click here to request your downloads